I had never done a juice cleanse before so was nervous and expected the worst. I thought I would be famished, have no energy and not be able to workout at all but I found quite the opposite to be true. The first day was definitely an adjustment and I was struggling in the afternoon but then I had my Happy Hour and it was AMAZING! Seriously, it tastes delicious. By the end of Day 2 I was disappointed I wasn't doing the 3-day cleanse because I felt so good and energized. P.S.- I lost 4 lbs in two days, not that its about weight loss but that doesn’t hurt!

“Having been a cleanse devotee for years, I first heard about The Ripe Stuff via rave reviews, and word of mouth, and I am only all to happy to add to that by shouting it from the roof tops! The juices are utterly delicious and you will feel 100 times better for having done right by your body. Oh yeah, and you’ll probably shed a few pounds to boot. Total win-win.”

“The juices were delicious and my energy levels were great.  I would recommend The Ripe Stuff to anyone looking to take a
healthy break from everyday life.”

“So, last week  I completed the 3 days cleanse.   I am a 54 year old guy and have dedicated my adult life to the abuse alcohol, food, and caffeine.  However, I exercise regularly and manage to stay in pretty good shape. I enjoyed your product and fully support your approach to nutrition. Thank you for doing what you are doing.”