Liquid Assets: Toasting healthy living with an all-juice diet.
Boston Magazine, August 2012
"...And since January, Institute for Integrative Nutrition alum Rebecca Ferrel has been using a hydraulic press in Weymouth to turn fresh fruits and veggies into liquid meals for the Ripe Stuff, her new line of juice blends."

Cocktail Cleanse with the Ripe Stuff
Daily Candy, August 2012
" Forgo a final summer toast for a preemptive reset with one- to three-day juice regimens from nutritionist Rebecca Ferrel."

Corporate juice cleanses a hit with workers
Boston Herald, November 2012
“It was really nice to do it at work. Instead of getting coffee together, we had our juices together. Instead of going across the street for lunch, we had our juices together,” said the 26-year-old.

Best Cleanse for People Who Don't Want to Leave the House
Metro, December 2012
"This Weymouth-based company makes juice fasting easy. Freshly made juices are delivered to your door, everything you need to clean out your inner pipes and boost health in one handy carrier."

Wondering What Juice Cleanse to Try? Meet the Ripe Stuff
Racked, April 2013
"Leading the pack here in Boston is The Ripe Stuff, founded by Rebecca Ferrell who pursued her own business when she noticed the lack of Boston-based options for juice fans."

Get the squeeze on Boston’s raw juice scene
Metro, April 2013
"One thing is certain – I can’t wait to juice myself again, and it seems I’m not alone."