The Ripe Stuff is excited to welcome Abigail Hueber on board as the in-house Registered Dietitian. Abby is a strong believer in a plant-based diet, emphasizing foods that promote total health of the body. Through her years of practice, Abby has learned first and foremost that health is not just about food. She understands the importance of developing sustainable behaviors and routines that fit into the life of each individual.

She attended Simmons College for her graduate work after receiving her Bachelor in Arts in Exercise Science from Gettysburg College. She has had experience working in the private practice of an integrative medical doctor. She is currently writing and implementing a school-based Wellness Curriculum, empowering young girls to develop both emotional and health literacy.

Abby has joined Ripe Stuff as a guide for everyone from first time crash course juicers to those looking for a longer commitment such as helping a client prepare for a big event or for a client intent on a significant health overhaul. Above all, Abby believes that the foods we put into our bodies should both do good and taste good! Ripe Stuff Cleanse delivers a wealth of nutrients that awaken not only our taste buds but also our bodies physiological systems. Juice cleanses can help you loose extra weight, increase energy, clear skin and provide a clean foundation for a healthy future!